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2013 – “You guys are getting everything right- your planning is excellent- and all the people we are talking to about the trip are very impressed.” Ken G. from Fremont, CA

2013 – “The attention that Dave and Will paid to organizing the trip and guiding us- you guys did a great job- including the fantastic [home-cooked] meals at Erindira.” — Ellen H. from suburban Philadelphia, PA

2013 – “Expert guidance. I don’t think I would change anything about this tour.” — Dale B. from Fremont, CA

2012 – “Great guides (aw stop blushing). Challenging hills and conditions which I consider a positive. The moto cross riders were a “hoot.” [The tour was a] tremendous value. — Bob E. from Hartford, CT

2012 – “I really had no idea what it would be like biking in rural Mexico but it was a lot of fun to find out.” — Jay E. from Portland, ME

2012 – “The scenery, the cycling, the food, the beers and hanging out in a foreign culture. Definite good value. Great job on the accommodations.” — Larry M. from Coronado, CA

2011 – ” I enjoyed the trip and hope to do the La Paz one next year.  I did not take pictures but plan to have a camera with me next year.  Best of luck with your tours!” — Sharon S. from Burlington, WI

2011 – “Your tour matched the description on the website. The ride over to Valle de Guadalupe and the ride from Estero to La Bufadora- and back were my favorite ride days.  Your favorite seafood restaurant in Ensenada was great.  Best wishes for lots of riders next year.” — Al S. from Park Forest, IL

2010 – “I just wanted to say thanks for the great tour. It’s always nice to experience the local flavor when you’re in another country. Also, I’d say the hotel choices were keepers. They were much nicer than I expected for the money. Anyway, thanks again for setting up a truly nice ride. I had a great time. The experience is one I won’t soon forget.” — Scott D. from Columbus, OH

2009 – “Awesome!” — John C. from Landrum, SC

Don’t just take our word for it.

Our past clients are our best advertisers. Many of them have had years of experience with other cycling tours, and we’re proud to say that they’ve given us consistently high marks. We try our hardest to plan tours that are reliably fun, safe, affordable, and… awesome. We will be happy to put you in touch with folks who have ridden with us, and, of course, we’re always ready to answer any questions you may have- just email us.