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The Basics

  1. Our guide fee is $545 for our self-contained tour, $945 for our fully-supported tour.   Registering and putting down a $200 deposit will reserve a spot for you.
    + Please visit our Registration page to start this process.
  2. We need a minimum number of riders (typically 4-5) to make the economics of a tour work. All monies paid will be returned to you 31 days before the start of your tour if that threshold is not met.
  3. We offer a single tour, with one route, multiple times a season. We ask you to provide a “preferred” week and “alternate” week(s) that you can tour.  If you have a flexible schedule, it increases the odds that a tour will occur.
  4. Most of our tours do not have a support vehicle. You are expected to carry all of your belongings for the entirety of the trip, except for the box you ship your bike in. The box can be held at our meet-up hotel.  For fully-supported tours, we will carry your belongings, but we ask that you pack sparingly.
  5. When possible, during the self-contained tours we will organize pannier-less day rides to increase the “fun” factor.
  6. We encourage riders to bring or ship their own bikes, as they will be most comfortable. We do not encourage rentals.
  7. We recommend road, touring, cyclocross or hybrid bikes and discourage mountain bikes. Please see our Bike Info Page for more detail.


  1. Helmet, front and rear lights, mirror
  2. Patch kit, tire levers, extra tube(s)
  3. 2 water bottles/cages
  4. Spare spokes (different lengths- have your bike shop measure)
  5. Bungee cords and zip ties
  6. A small,lightweight cable lock

Please see our robust Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Or, as always, shoot us an email at