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Vino Mexico!

Head to Valle de Guadalupe for upscale wineries, chic hotels and a south-of-the-border answer to the French Laundry
Valle de Guadalupe is a Mediterranean microclimate in Baja California where wine has been produced for more than a century, and it’s in the midst of the kind of winemaking and tourism renaissance that Napa Valley experienced in the 1970s. –The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 10, 2012

Baja is the new Tuscany

“Tijuana and Ensenada — there’s some awesome shit going on down there right now.” Bourdain told us. “They got tired of waiting for the Americans to come back and just started making really great, really creative food. — Anthony Bourdain, LA Weekly Blogs, Feb. 10, 2012

The Missionary: Can an adventurous chef remake his city’s image?

LETTER FROM TIJUANA about chef Javier Plascencia and the movement to rehabilitate the city’s reputation through its food. Tijuana, situated in northern Baja and separated from San Diego by the world’s busiest border crossing, has long been seen as a curious outpost, a city too far from mainland Mexico to be truly Mexican and too culturally distinct from San Diego to be American. — The New Yorker, Jan 30, 2012

Does Baja have Mexico’s most exciting food?

“I didn’t think Mexico could still surprise me,” says Rick Bayless, the star chef at Chicago’s Frontera Grill and the host of PBS’s Mexico—One Plate at a Time. Yet a recent eating tour along the 775-mile Baja peninsula left him so excited that he decided to devote the entire eighth season of his TV show to his Baja food finds: “Friends laughed at this, but I probably have enough material for more than 14 episodes.” — Food & Wine, July 2011

Baja Links

Wineries in Valle de Guadalupe (VdG)

  • – Lists wineries, restaurants and lodging in VdG
  • Casa de Piedra Winemaker Hugo D’Acosta produces an intense Tempranillo-Cabernet blend. Kilometer 93.5, Hwy. 3; 011-52- 646-156-5268.
  • Château Camou – Known for wines like the Flor de Guadalupe Zinfandel and Blanc de Blancs (a blend of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay). Calle Principal, Francisco Zarco; 011-52-646-177-2221.
  • Mogor-Badan Winery – A family-owned winery known for its crisp white Chasselas and its Wednesday farmers’ market. Kilometer 86.5, Hwy. 3; 011-52-646-177-1484.
  • Paralelo – Another Hugo D’Acosta–owned winery, distinguished by its ziggurat-style building. Kilometer 73, Hwy. 3; 011-52-646-156-5268.
  • Tres Mujeres – Baja’s only all-female team of winemakers—Eva Cotero, Ivette Vaillard and Laura MacGregor—Tempranillo and Grenache. Kilometer 87, Hwy. 3; 011-521-646-171-5674.
  • Viña de Liceaga – Produces Chenin Blanc, as well as a Merlot and Grenache blend; also known for its Viña de Liceaga Gran Reserva wine, a blend made with Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Kilometer 93, Hwy. 3; 011-52- 646-155-3091.
  • Viñas Pijoan – Cult winery with a coveted Cabernet Sauvignon–Merlot blend. Rancho San Marcos, Hwy. 3 at “El Tigre”; 011-52-646- 178-3482; open weekends only.

Hotels we’ve stayed at and can vouch for:

  • La Fonda (KM 59.5 Mex1) – La Fonda is all about comfort, peace, and relaxation – not pretentiousness.
  • Hotel Ruiz (Ensenada) – 4th and Ruiz, Ensenada – Inexpensive and clean. Ensenada Harbour is a 10-minute walk away.
  • Estero Beach Resort (S. of Ensenada)- Fancier than a lot of places we stay, the views are incredible and the hot tub is awesome after a long day of biking.
  • Posada Inn (Valle de Guadalupe) – Located just a bit outside of town on Mex3, the hotel is quiet, clean and beautifully landscaped. Nice pool.
  • Sanchez Hotel (Colonia Vicente Guerrer0) – Features just the basics. Beds and bathroom (with hot water) and that’s about it. I think we paid $25USD total. (616)166-2963. No web site.
  • Hotel Paraiso (Colonet) – Set on a hill above the tiny town of Colonet, the hotel is modern and features a restaurant.
  • Hotel Mision Santa Maria (San Quintin) – Great location (can be a bit tough to find; send us an email if you’re looking for it). Clean, spacious, awesome hot water and all rooms look out on the ocean.
  • Baja Cactus (El Rosario) – The best $35 room ever. King-sized beds, beautiful tiled showers, awesome hot water.